Friday, August 10, 2012

Demon Mine Cover Art!

Today was a wonderful day.  I received the cover art for Demon Mine and I have to say I am quite pleased with how fast I got it and how beautiful it is (I subbed on the first of August and got a response an hour later with a yes.  So then the artwork came 9 days later). I wanted to share it. Release date is sometime in October 2012. Evernight Publishing was my dream publisher (one of them).  I am so glad to be in the Evernight Family.

Here is the banner I received as well.
Life is good!

The cover is just how I would imagine Samael and Liliana to be.  I am in love.

I am in the process of writing the next story in the series (Karmic Lust).  It's Eva and Clay's turn to find love. Thank you for following me on this journey.


  1. Well that is just too cool for school, Nikki! That's an awesome cover, chicklette! Congrats on the upcoming release!


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